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Handmade Cupped Hands Display Tray with Tumbled Stones

Handmade Cupped Hands Display Tray with Tumbled Stones


Introducing our exquisite Cupped Hands Display Tray with Tumbled Stones, a captivating fusion of artistry and nature.


Crafted with precision from high-quality resin, this display tray showcases a pair of elegantly sculpted cupped hands, gracefully cradling an assortment of stunning tumbled stones.


The natural beauty of the tumbled stones brings an earthy charm to any space, with their vibrant colors and unique patterns. Each stone has been carefully selected and polished to perfection, creating a mesmerising display that evokes a sense of wonder and tranquility.


Our Cupped Hands Display Tray serves as both a functional and decorative piece. It offers ample space to showcase your cherished tumbled stones, small crystals, jewellery, or any other treasured items you desire. The concave design of the cupped hands ensures that your precious belongings remain securely in place, while the smooth resin finish adds a touch of elegance.


Designed to complement a variety of home decor styles, this display tray seamlessly blends into any room, whether it's your living room, bedroom, office, or meditation space. The neutral color of the resin allows the vibrant hues of the tumbled stones to stand out, creating a visually striking focal point.


Beyond its aesthetic appeal, our Cupped Hands Display Tray is crafted with utmost care for longevity. The durable resin material ensures that it will withstand daily use, while its easy-to-clean surface allows for hassle-free maintenance.


Whether you're an avid crystal collector, a spiritual enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of nature, this display tray is a must-have addition to your home or sacred space. It also makes a thoughtful gift for friends and loved ones who share a passion for crystals and mindful living.


Experience the harmony between art and nature with our Cupped Hands Display Tray with Tumbled Stones. Transform any space into a haven of serenity and showcase your beloved treasures in style. Order now and embrace the timeless elegance of this enchanting piece.


Message me for more colour options!

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