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Handmade Resin Round Leaf Shaped Dish

Handmade Resin Round Leaf Shaped Dish


Discover elegance and versatility with our Handmade Resin Round Leaf Shaped Dish, expertly crafted in the UK from premium quality resin.


Each piece is meticulously designed to resemble delicate leaves, offering a blend of artistry and functionality.


Customise your dish with a range of vibrant colour choices and indulgent extras like shimmering glitter, crushed glass, fragrant dried flowers, sparkling crystals, and more—all included at no extra cost.


Perfect for displaying trinkets, serving treats, or as a standalone decor accent. Enjoy the added convenience of free delivery throughout the UK.


Elevate your space with this unique resin creation that seamlessly combines beauty with practicality.

  • Dimensions

    Width: 7in

    Height: Just less than 1in

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